As a Leadership Futurist, Reiner believes that leadership focused on people and profits is equally important to advances in technology.  In an economy of disruption and change, it is innovativations in leadership that will ensure a happy and healthy workplace. Through his keynote speeches, he inspires leaders and individual contributors to stay rooted in timeless leadership principles while constantly growing and remaining relevant to new generations. From Generation Z to the Silver Tsunami of Boomers, the workforce today is constantly changing and being upended by technology and globalization.  Each keynote provides actionable "take-aways" your leaders can use immediately to uplift people and uplift profits.



Reiner started speaking at the age of 3, when his father took him to the stage in front of a large audience for his first glimpse of the power of speaking.  He learned early that an authentic connection was key to inspiring people and changing lives with your words. His passion for leadership and speaking has been a constant in his life.

With 20+ years of Healthcare Experience, Reiner Roeske is recognized as a high-energy, relationship-sales and results-oriented leader.  He currently serves on the leadership team for one of Southern California's largest regional provider's of post acute care.  His professional experience includes time as a C.P.A. with KPMG and serving on the leadership team at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital.

Along with Healthcare Administration and Business Development, Reiner’s professional interests as a Leadership Futurist include leadership development, communication, employee engagement, retention, and peak performance.



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